He!! week (X 2)

It’s certainly going to be a busy couple of weeks here at The School Down the Lane! 

This week is pre-recital week which includes the following:

-regular dance classes on Monday and Thursday
-extra classes for finale on Wednesday plus an extra cheer class
-M has to sing at Graduation on Friday
-Saturday we have 1. Dress rehersal 2. Pictures for Hip Hop and Cheer 3. Evening Recital
-Sunday we have 1. Pictures for Modern, Lyrical and Trio 2. Afternoon Recital

Then next week is also going to be packed!

-Tuesday we have assessments and then maybe the homeschool used curriculum sale
-Wednesday K will start summer tumbling
-Thursday there is the E——-Academy Science Fair plus K’s regular classes
-Friday K is taking her English Accuplacer at the community college
-the following Monday we have Geography Fair

This weekend especially is going to be insane but I am actually looking forward to it!  I love recital with all it’s chaos and frantic energy (I know, I’m a little nuts!) and adding in photos is only going to make it crazier 🙂  It’s all good though and it will be so nice to see my kids on stage.  I’m especially excited about K’s trio which was entirely self choreographed by the dancers. 

Hopefully I’ll be back with pictures on Monday!


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