Homeschooling Articles-some of my favs!

From Degrading to De-grading by Alfie Kohn

Getting Hit on the Head Lesson by Alfie Kohn

Common Objections to Homeschooling

Stanford-In a Class by Themselves

Much Too Early?  By David Elkind

How to Unschool College            

Side Effects of Standarized Testing                  

The Six Lesson Schoolteacher 

Freedom to Learn Blogs
Book Lists

Search-able book database

Classical History books


Books by historic period

Historic books and crafts

Interactive Resources

Animal Habitats for Kids

Free Poverty-Knowing helps-geography practice that supplies clean water

Raucous Royals-raucous fun!

Smog City-the power to control air pollution is in your hands

Element Hunt

You Try It:

Atom Builder

DNA Workshop

Rags to Riches Game-Mixtures, solutions, elements and compounds
Games, cartoons and interactive history of money

Fun history! 

Queen Elizabeth I

Tudor Britain

Write like a Babylonian

Write like an Egyptian

Alien Juice Bar (acids and bases)

Lots of quizzes and activities 

Interactive Human anatomy

Great health stuff

Lots of stuff in the

The Earth’s Layers

More earth’s layers

Learn to read


More Genetics 

Interactive Resources

Jamestown Adventure

Make your own tartan!

Make an acrostic poem


Homeschool printables and household forms

Book report forms

Printable BINGO cards


More forms

A math curriculum!

Lots of stuff! 

Great printables for younger kids

Italian Early Learning Resources (in Italian)

Paper Dali-free historic paper dolls

Free Resources

Art Projects for Kids

The Story of Mendel

Genetics Science Learning Center Teacher Resources

Letter of the Week(for pre K-3rd)  

Project Gutenberg

American Lit

Free Christian curriculum

Lots of science lesson plans!

Historical Movies

Chronological Art History Lessons

National Geographic Xhibitions

Go for Van Gogh!

Beatrix Potter unit study

Science Kids at Home

US Mint $1 Presidential Coin Act
Fibonacci Numbers 

Spare the Air

Collaborative Projects

The Great Backyard Bird Count


Bucket Buddies

Square of Life

Project Budburst


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